Vila Viniteca
Beginning as a wine shop, it soon became a supplier to the best restaurants in the country. Vila Viniteca also produces its own wines, organises wine-tasting courses and has forged the success of new wineries. After so many success, in 2004 they finally decided to bring their image into line with their excellent business.
We chose a sans-serif typeface for the logo, sometimes on one line but almost always split into three, making the name more rhythmical and underlining the similarity between "vila" and "vini".
Then we took photos of glasses of wine and other drinks to illustrate the hundreds of colours and range of tastes to be found in a wine shop, with bird's-eye viewpoints, not showing the glass or the bottle, to reinforce the single concept of "collection of tastes". For the foodstore, which used to be called "la teca" and now has the same brand as the wine-shops, we added photos of round products, so that they matched the circles of the glasses.