Cool Wood
A collection of woody fragrances for men, launched in Mercadona after Monogotas collection’s market success. The bottle combines both straight lines and curves in perfect balance. It’s a classic masculine bottle that other brands such as Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana and Fragonard have used before for their perfumes.
The black background of the labels, a masculine code which is also the key color of the range, is bordered with a different color for each fragrance. The backgrounds on the back of the labels are printed with same colors and thanks to the spherical shape of the bottle, a curious optical illusion spreads the color through the perfumes, giving a touch of emotion and helping to recognise these transparent fragrances.
The Neutra typeface, redesigned in 2009 by Christian Schwartz from the original alphabets that Richard Neutra used in his buildings during the 40’s, gives a vintage style that matches the bottle and provides a sofisticated and coquettish look. The perfect roundness of the letter “o”, appearing 4 times in the name “Cool Wood”, creates an expressive personality and movie style.