The new perfume by RNB Cosméticos for Mercadona.
We commissioned Toni Pallejà, from Por Cuatro to design the bottle. Toni proposed this cubed shaped faceted crystal bottle, which evokes the retro style of the great feminine perfumes, but is also modern thanks to the simplicity of its line and the chunkiness of its proportions.
Its stopper and the top part of the bottle emulate the bevels of crystal, in an ivory colour with a shiny finish, which together with the soft pink tone of the fragrance, give an elegant luminosity to this sophisticated d'a perfume.

For the box, we decided on an aubergine-purple background on which two geometric mauve bands intersect, thus creating a label in the same pink as the fragrance framing the word Elección.
The geometric structure of the design subtly combines with the three tones of pink and its transparencies. It is a double reference to the organised life of a professional woman and the sophisticated and dreamy character of a chic woman. The intersection of the colours represents "a choice" (una elección”).