Hortensia H
Jardin Secreto
This brand is now positioned as the highest premium brand of all the range of perfumes of Mercadona, and Jardín Secreto is the private collection of Hortensia H. RNB Cosméticos wants to put these fragrances at the same level as the private collections of the big names in fashion, those niche perfumes that are not sold in perfume shops.
The concepts that we used to develop the design were "private, secret, hidden". From these we defined the naming "Jardín Secreto" (Secret Garden) and we took photos of flowers and plants at night, with a flash, as if we were secretly breaking into Hortensia's private garden and illuminating her secret flowers with a torch.
Design of bottle and cap: Toni Pallejà.
Project designed for RNB Cosméticos, on sale exclusively in Mercadona.

Photo: Alexis Taulé