Can Credo
Can Credo is the former popular name of Cavas Recaredo. This white wine, home-produced and organic like all Recaredo products, is 100% made from Xarel.lo grapes that come from one of their own vineyards. The one thousand two hundred bottles of this wine have been elaborated with great care.
To reflect this elegant character as well as the popular and honest elements that are associated with its name, we chose only one typography the Escrow, in a big size. The composition is simple, without any rhetoric, an elegant and sincere expression.

Els Raustals is another wine from Celler Credo of Recaredo, a red wine that comes from two small vineyards in Alt Penedès. The name refers to the arid and stony land of this area. Cultivated and vinificated with the same attentions and care of Can Credo, it features the same label composition, with a different color code.