Bodega Virgen de la Asunción
Former cooperative of La Horra, Ribera del Duero, formed by 100 families of winegrowers with ancestral vineyards and expertise. The Bodega Virgen de la Asunción, with its 60 years of history, now dedicates its oldest vineyards to the elaboration of three exclusive wines. They come from vines that are over 80 years old, low yield, environmentally respectful and dry farming. It is aged in traditional new oak casks with malolactic fermentation and a lot of love. The occasion merited a special treatment and they commissioned us to do the naming and design. The names (Maria’s Secret, The Heart of The Earth and The Song of an Angel) all come from the religious name of the vineyard and explain the history of each wine.The design of the labels reflects the inherent quality of the vineyard (a plant figures on each of the three labels), the poetry in the elaboration of the wine (through a visual poem), the ancestral knowledge of their producers (the elements are simple and natural) and the history of the vineyards (the etchings communicate history).